What manifestation really is – 7 practical steps for your reality creation

Oh, the subject of manifesting can never cease to fascinate! At least since the release of „The Secret“ in 2006, everyone is ignited by the idea that we are the creators of our reality and now looking for the perfect technique to manifest their dreams into reality. Are you too? Then you will have noticed that there is a bit more to it than vision board crafting, meditating and positive thinking.

I have been studying the subject of reality creation for over 10 years now and my eyes still sparkle today just as they did when I first heard about it when I begin to talk about it. On my journey, I’ve been allowed to take an excursion into the worlds of quantum physics, epigenetics, neuroscience, spirituality, and some ancient cultures. Have you read my blog article, „The Science Behind the Law of Attraction„? In it I explained how reality creation works from a scientific perspective, that is, what exactly happens in the process to the atomic particles that make up our world.

Manifesting our dreams is all well and good, but what does that actually mean in practice? I have manifested quite a few dreams just out of nowhere and my passion is to analyze the process behind it and formulate practical instructions for it. In this post, I’d like to shed some light on the topic in a practical way and have broken down the manifestation process into seven essential steps for you. You can check out if you are following all seven in your process of reality creation.

  1. Focus

    It starts with your focus. You’ve set yourself a specific goal, let’s say you want to build your own business that frees you up in terms of time, place and money, and then travel the world. Good. It is one life experience of many. It also already exists as a quantum possibility in the field and is ready to be switched into reality by you. Your task at the beginning is to formulate a very precise vision of the reality you want to manifest. The important thing here is that you first commit to it.

    Maybe you are so enthusiastic about traveling and have different countries and continents (South America, Mexico, India, Bali) on your bucket list. But in the beginning, you have to decide on just one. By doing this, you don’t limit yourself, but sharpen your focus on a first crystal clear vision. You can always manifest the other countries afterwards, but now it’s about defining a very concrete first goal.

    So make it clear where exactly you want to go and stick to it. Important: Don’t change your plan in between! It will be one and the same scenery you will connect with in the next time, so choose one that will not stop inspiring you. Build your little world and everyday life in Bali, for example, and see yourself sitting at a laptop in a beach cafe in a co-working space. Now create more images from this one setting (e.g. how you take surf lessons, visit a temple, what your accommodation looks like, etc.).

    If you do your manifestation meditations regularly now, eventually you will become so familiar with your daily life in Bali and it will feel like you have already achieved that. At this point, you may get bored and feel the urge to visualize a new setting. In this case you should stick with it and not suddenly switch to Tulum, Mexico. The fact that you don’t feel any excitement anymore because you are so familiar with your vision is a very good sign and here you just have to stick with it and keep that „I-already-have-it-feeling“ until you actually experience it in real life.

    So manifesting means first and foremost deciding on a very concrete reality that you want to experience and putting all your focus on that.

  2. Reflection

    You need to start by doing an inventory, being completely honest with yourself and reflecting on yourself and your current situation. What has led to the fact that you have only been able to create the reality in which you find yourself now? Which decisions, thoughts, convictions, beliefs, emotions, environments and fellow human beings have contributed to you being where you are now? Just become aware of the cause-and-effect relationships of your current life in a non-judgmental way. Why is it absolutely logical and comprehensible that you could not have created another reality with the vibe you have always been sending out until now? Insight is the first step to improvement.

    There is no right or wrong, it’s all just a game of cause and effect. This is not about judging yourself or regretting something, but simply understanding what you can do differently from now on. The insight that it was you who has created all (difficult) circumstances for yourself until now, makes you realize once more that you are really in control of your life, have always manifested successfully and can start creating something different from now on.

  3. Distancing

    And in the next step, you write down everything you need to let go of in order to do it differently this time. That’s actually the core of the process. Because manifestation can be actually very easy and quick. You have to understand: It’s not about cultivating anything or working towards something. It’s all already there and you just have to get rid of everything that’s in the way or blocking you from it.

    So after you’ve figured out which parts of your old identity you can’t take with you into your future, it’s now time for the big clean-out in your life and your system. In your life, i.e. on the outside, you look at everything that does not match your desired reality and distance yourself from it. That’s why „Detox your body, mind and contact list“ is an important chapter in my e-book „HIGH VIBIN“, which guides you through this personal transformation. Here you say goodbye to all behavior patterns, things and people that pull you down and make sure that you always just stay where you are. Don’t be afraid to temporarily step into a bubble and become infatuated with your vision – even if that means you’ll stay all alone for for a while. It doesn’t have to be forever, but sometimes you need to retreat to get back into your vibe.

    And that’s the key word. What is „your vibe“? It’s the frequency you’re currently emitting. The electromagnetic field that surrounds you and attracts life circumstances and people that vibrate at the same level. And that consists of your thoughts and feelings. What are your current thoughts and feelings? This is where you may need to clean out your inner self, your system. The number one reason you haven’t gotten to where you want to go yet, even though you’ve tried everything, is that you still have limiting belief patterns in your subconscious. You can want something so bad, but if you are subconsciously convinced that you are unworthy of it or that it is not possible for you to manifest it, then it will not work. So it’s called examining beliefs and dissolving limiting beliefs. PSYCH-K® is the fastest way to do this. You don’t even need to know which belief is limiting you. You simply formulate a new „programming“ and store it in your subconscious. I am currently offering sessions online again, you can email me to book your PSYCH-K® session and remove the subconscious beliefs that are currently standing in your way.

    Also, you are probably stuck in a cycle of old destructive thoughts, emotions and meanwhile automatic reactions to them, which lead to the fact that you always behave in the same way and thus manifest the same circumstances again and again – unconsciously.

    If you have already understood that nothing will change until you change yourself and you are looking for an exact guide for this metamorphosis, then my new e-book is for you at this point! It’s designed as a practical action guide – especially for business founders – where you step by step shed your old identity and become a new version of yourself. You can download it now here and get started right away.

    Let’s recap at this point: So step 3 is distancing yourself from everything that is not in alignment with your desire. And from everything that prevents you from taking massive action and faking your wish reality in advance.

  4. Meditation

    Why do we meditate? In meditation, you shed your current identity and become a nobody for the time being. You tune into the divine frequency and connect with the sea of infinite possibilities. You talk to the universe/God and tell him exactly what your wishes are. And he/it answers.

    You go into a trance state – your body falls asleep, but your mind stays awake. Your brain activity slows down and your conscious mind can no longer easily interfere with its objections. In meditation, you connect with your desired reality, specify exactly what you want to experience, and teach your body how it will feel when you already have what you want. If you do this over and over again, you will become more and more familiar with this reality and the state will slowly but surely become your new normal.

    So meditate & create is an important step to tune into the frequency of the desired reality right now. In the e-book you will also learn how to activate your pineal gland and how to prepare your physical body so that it can perfectly assist you in your reality creation.

    That’s a lot to keep in mind, isn’t it? And we are just at step 4 of 7. As a human being you actually have to get an instruction manual. Hmmm is that an idea for my next book? I think I’ll call it „How to human“.

  5. Faking

    „Fake it til you make it!“ You’ve probably heard this phrase many times before and this is your task in real life now. Now it’s about closing the gap between your desired reality and your current state and slowly but surely approaching its frequency.

    Your greatest goal in manifesting is to feel the feelings you would feel if your wish were fulfilled right now. So that you send out the exact frequency that will attract the desired circumstances into your life. This works best with gratitude. Not only to be grateful in advance for the fulfillment of your wish, but also to be grateful for everything you have in your life right now. And that is sometimes not so easy. For example, how can you be thankful for your shitty employee job that you hate so much and want to get away from as soon as possible? Try a change of perspective. That job makes it possible for you to pay your bills so that you can have a relaxed nervous system while building your business. If you can’t manage to consciously change your perspective, have a PSYCH-K® session to change your perception of the situation.

    In your manifestation meditation, it’s easier to get into the feeling you want. You’re already there, enjoying the imagined experience. To feel the same feeling in your everyday life is more difficult – especially if your current state is still far away from your desired reality. And it’s no use to become this new version of yourself for a few minutes in your meditation and then get up and send out a stinky vibe again for the rest of the day a life. In other words, thinking your same old thoughts and feeling your same old feelings again.

    So you must gradually adjust all areas of your life to your desired reality. Do everything you can think of that will already get you into the vibe and help you eliminate all thoughts of it not being possible for you for some reason.

    In my e-book I also explain the Law of Assumption and tell you my story about how I used this principle back in the day to manifest my South America trip. And I did it in a very short time and even though all the worldly laws were against it.

    So step 5 in manifesting is to take massive action, to act as if you already have what you want and thus to adjust your feelings and your vibe to the vibe of your desire. And don’t forget to always plan for a miracle!

  6. Letting go

    It took me a long time to understand this step. Because I am a control freak and like to have control over everything in my life. But that doesn’t work with manifesting, unfortunately. Here’s one of my most important lessons for you: Your job is merely to design your vision – not to create it. Meaning, you need to relinquish control. Yes, I know, very bad for us control freaks. But after enough failed attempts, and after you’ve shed your ego, you’ll be able to consider it. You won’t be able to avoid admitting to yourself the fact that „God“ really exists. Call this higher intelligence whatever you like – the source of all being, the universe, …. Pick a term that feels good to you. In any case, it is this entity that makes your wish comes true and lets certain events miraculously come into your life.

    Your job is to take care of the other steps I listed: Holding the vision and vibe, removng limiting beliefs, etc. You focus solely on WHAT you want. The HOW takes over this higher consciousness. The number of ways you can think of to get to your desire are very limited. By doing so, you are only limiting yourself. By relinquishing control, you allow the universe to intervene and make sure that everything in your life gets in perfect order so that your desired reality can occur.

    Yes, you get to surrender. And isn’t it also much more awesome that you don’t have to worry about it? Don’t let it be your worry. Take the attitude of an arrogant boss (I’m thinking of Anna Wintour, for example) who waves her hand away and hands off an important, seemingly impossible task to an employee with the attitude, „Make it happen somehow. You will find a way. I trust you.“

    Important to note: If you’re going to relinquish control, do it right. No half-measures. If in the middle of the process you start to imagine how the desired thing should come to you and start to work towards it, then you take over again. And the universe hands over the lead to you, because you make use of your free will at that moment. In that case you would have to start all over again, give up this control again and then really not think about how it should happen.

    You can’t, even with the best will in the world, believe that the universe is a friendly place that works for you or that God really exists? I’ve been there. We can change that in a PSYCH-K® session.

  7. Trust

    I had said earlier that gratitude is one of the most important feelings in manifesting. Another is confidence. You have to give the universe a certain level of trust in advance. That’s why it’s always said, „The Universe favors the brave!“ This leap of faith can be, for example, an action that you would never have done otherwise unless you were absolutely sure that you would succeed in your endeavor. Burn any bridge that binds you to the reality you want to get out of.

    I had the balls at the time to quit my safe salaried job and give up all securities, even though I had no idea what the alternative might be. Well, unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of the rest of the points to consider. And thus, I failed because of my limiting beliefs. I also tell this story in my e-book. Anyway, it is important that when you go for your vision and go ALL IN, you also consider all the points that I have listed here.

    The most important thing is really to eliminate your doubts. Because they can put a big fat crimp in your plans. Leave no doubt that your wish will come true. Align not only your attitude, but all your actions to make it work. Change your attitude from „Only when I’m successful will I be able to do this and that“ to „I’m doing it now already because I know I’ll be successful!“ And that’s exactly why it will be successful, because that’s when the magic happens!

    If you can’t get rid of your doubts for the life of you, guess what.. 🙂 PSYCH-K® session. You see, there are always solutions for everything. You just have to do it. Stop dreaming, doubting yourself, giving in to your fears and insecurities, hiding and pushing your life vision further and further into the future. This will go on forever and before you know it, you will be old and it will be too late to go after your dreams. So you might as well make a decision right now and take that one important step that’s coming up for you.

    So, that’s it! These are the secrets of us Manifestors. It’s not really witchcraft, is it? You just have to know it. With these 7 steps, you’ll have your perfect guide to start manifesting your dream of a better life. In my e-book, I explain a few more subtleties to consider when manifesting in the chapter „Reality Creation“. The important thing is that you start.

    Want a better life? Make it happen. Get the HIGH VIBIN Action Guide now and start the journey to your new self and your new life today.

    Do you have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out and send me an email at hello@high-vibin.com or a dm on Insta. HAPPY CREATING!

    xoxo Marinka