My name is Marina Maier and here's the reason for High Vibin

Our world is changing. People are waking up. And they start to remember. 

The unique thing about me is that I have never forgotten. It's not that I have specific memories of any of my past lives. But I came into this world knowing what a precious gift this actually is. In the first years of my life I was happy to be fully restored again and I spent hours exploring this new vibrant body I got. My favorite activity was running. Because that's when I felt the full capacity of my new human vehicle. Another chance. My heart? Full of appreciation. 

And yet I have spent my whole childhood waiting to grow up because it was not easy being an adult trapped in a body of a child. An old soul, so to speak. I must have been around 2 years old when I felt the urge to speak in front of the whole world. "The world needs to know what I have to say", was my thought, "and when they hear those words coming out from a mouth of a 2 year old, this will be the ultimate proof!" Proof of what? 

Of that there's so much more to being a human than we know. Of how magical life is and that we are creators with incredible capabilities. It was difficult to find an opportunity to give a speech in front of the whole world back then in the nineties. Especially in the middle of nowhere in the steppe of Kazakhstan, where I come from. But today I have the possibility. And as I promised myself, I make use of it.

I couldn't understand certain social conventions, but I always used to adapt because I didn't want to stand out and be different. So I followed the path of becoming an adult, but it got unbearable latest when I ended up in my first full-time job. 

Due to the fact that I've felt this deep appreciation for my incarnation since childhood, I never managed to come to terms with the idea that I should be spending most time of it sitting in front of a computer screen and moving paper back and forth - being profoundly unhappy and unfulfilled. I've always known that that's not what I came here for and that I am capable of so much more. 

My biggest values in life are freedom, purpose and pleasure. We are here to create reality, not to face reality. I am deeply convinced that life is meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest. And the first step to it is to start your own business.

I know, not many people allow themselves to to have such an attitude toward life and not many actually decide to take action toward creating that for themselves. But I do. Because anything else would hurt my soul. And when you dare to do that, too, you've come to the right place. 

Life is too short. I felt resistance in every cell of my body and an intense calling for "more". And I followed it. I took a leap into the unknown. Did it hurt? Oh heck yes. Growth is always painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful a staying stuck in a place you don't belong. I believe one of the worst feelings is the realization that you could have been, done and had so much more in life - when it's too late. As my favorite spiritual teacher used to say, "Don't die with your music still in you." You only got this life. So if you have a bigger vision for it and are fortunate enough to live in a country where you have the possibility to self-actualize by starting your own business, you can't let this opportunity go to waste!

And that's why I started High Vibin. This is your place for massive growth and transformation. I just couldn't risk to take my unique thoughts and my potential with me to the grave. I came here to participate in the big shift. You too? Each one of us has a special purpose and a precious gift to share with the world. Only now that I've found mine, I feel deeply fulfilled and that's exactly where I want to take you. If you feel like something great wants to come out of you - this is your sign to make it happen. And here I want to pick you up with my e-book. It's a practical Action Guide that guides you through the process of self-actualization which simply means stepping in your true potential and fulfill your soul's purpose. And yes, we're making a business out of it! 

This will require a metamorphosis, because every next level of your life demands a new you. Sometimes I feel like it took me longer than necessary to become that new version of myself. Because I had to find out everything by myself. But on my way I also found out that my mission in this life is to face the biggest challenges and find solutions for them, which I then communicate and teach. My wish for you is to use my precious knowledge to take a shortcut to your dreams as you follow through my Action Guide and learn to apply the most powerful tools of transformation.

You know that nothing changes unless you change. Are you ready to make your big vision happen? Begin with changing your energy by raising your vibration. First you change yourself. And that changes everything. Welcome to High Vibin, my love. You decided to grow, so here's what's next for you: create a big vision, step into radical action, heal your past and smash all the blocks while you create your new self. Let me guide you through this beautiful transformation. 

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