$ 29 


This ACTION GUIDE will take you step by step through the exciting new chapter that begins for you when you start your business. A phase of extreme growth lies ahead of you and this new level requires a new version of yourself. 

Here’s what’s next for you: reprogram your subconscious, free yourself from old emotions and patterns, change your habits, create a new reality etc. 

In this practical e-book you will find all the tools you need to let go of your past and create the new identity that perfectly matches your vision.


$ 3.600


In this mentoring you will step into radical action and remove the blocks that keep you from starting your business and releasing your first own offer.

We work intensively on your subconscious for six weeks and reprogram it. In this process, we will smash your business blocks around money, visibility & self worth and replace them with new, empowering ones so you can finally overcome procrastination and self-sabotage.

With this new mindset upgrade, you can fully dedicate yourself to achieving your goals and enjoying the new chapter of your life.


PSYCH-K® Session

$ 290


In a session of about 90 min. you dissolve the subconscious beliefs about the topic that is currently blocking you and causing you to get stuck in your business/life.

You replace them with new beliefs that work for you and support you in manifesting a new reality. 

New beliefs = new vibe = new possibilities. The new created potential makes possible what was not possible before and get you in the flow of life again.