The pineal gland – what is our „third eye“ capable of?

Spiritually, it is one of the most important organs in our body. I seriously wonder why we don’t learn about our „third eye“ in school. I didn’t know about this little miracle between our two hemispheres of the brain until recently. And even the people I ask if they know what the pineal gland is, they all just answer, „Pineal… what?!??“

Professor Hans Eysenck, then Chairman of the Psychology Department in London, wrote a letter as early as 1957 suggesting that a gigantic conspiracy involving the 30 named universities of the whole world and hundreds of highly respected scientists was underway to suppress the truth about what we really know about the power of human consciousness. I simply see it as a duty to educate all people living on this planet about what abilities they actually have.

So here we go: Each of us has this fascinating organ. Located in the diencephalon, it is the most perfused organ in the brain and is responsible for our psychic abilities. In many ancient civilizations, the pineal gland was referred to as „the third eye“ and was equated with omniscience, awareness, enlightenment and wisdom. With the third eye we see what is not visible to the physical pair of eyes. We see the „unseen worlds“ when we have our eyes closed. The pictures you paint „in your head“ you paint with the help of the pineal gland. For example, memories of something from the past or when you visualize something you would like to have. And here we come to a very important point!

Manifesting desires with the help of the pineal gland

In fact, I’m going to explain to you how important it is to visualize desired life circumstances and imagine them as precisely as possible so that they can manifest. After all, you can achieve anything you set your mind to – if you know the universal laws. Some people know this as „The Law of Attraction“ or „The Secret“. This is probably the greatest secret of our time and it is slowly coming to light because people are in an awakening phase and coming to a new consciousness. I have been withdrawing and doing countless self-experiments on the subject of „manifesting desires“ for the last few years and by now I can say I am really good at it. My last manifestation was a trip to South America. Since I accomplished that, I know that I can manifest anything. I’m currently writing a book about it, in which I describe all this from a scientific, quantum-physical point of view and give you step-by-step instructions. But first, let’s move on in the topic.

It’s the spot between your eyebrows. By concentrating on this point (for example during a meditation) we get access to the depths of our soul. My yoga teacher says to „breathe“ the cosmic energy into yourself through the third eye. What a beautiful idea! For Hindus and Buddhists, „the eye of wisdom“ is the mirror of the soul. Through meditation one can open the gate to a new consciousness and thereby experience a deep self-awareness. In Indian and Tibetan cultures, one wears a red dot between the eyebrows, symbolizing one’s connection to the divine. Buddhists believe that a soul enters the human body through this point and then nests in the womb to be reborn. You can find the third eye in almost every ancient culture. What I find particularly interesting is that even in ancient Egypt people were aware of the importance of the pineal gland. The „Eye of Horus“ is nothing more than a cross-section of our brain focusing on the miracle organ.

I don’t know what exactly went wrong in the meantime, but in the course of time our pineal gland has extremely degenerated. It used to be about 3 cm and now it’s only a few millimeters. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t still doing its job!

The pineal gland produces DMT

The pineal gland produces the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for the sleep-wake rhythm. But what is even more interesting: In 1972, the Nobel Prize winner Julius Axelrod discovered that the human pineal gland produces DMT (dimethyltryptamine). Because of its special property, this substance was also called „telepathin“. It has a hallucinogenic effect and is produced when we are born, when we dream (just before the non-R.E.M. phase, our brain gets flooded with DMT once), and when we die or experience near-death experiences. DMT is also found externally in plant extracts, such as Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is an extract from a particular liana that is boiled for several days with the addition of other plants and is used by South American indigenous peoples to achieve altered states of consciousness. Shamans drink Ayahuasca to enter the world of spirits and communicate with them. When you drink the juice of the „vine of death“, you perceive your surroundings in a completely different way – you recognize bright colors and patterns everywhere and you can dive into other dimensions. This is definitely on my to-do list for my next trip to South America. We can all be shamans because we all have the abilities and the receptors needed for that, to get in touch with other worlds, just like we do when we dream, for example. And that is so beautiful, because hidden in it is the knowledge and the healing power that we so desperately need today.

Calcification of the pineal gland

Especially fluoride is the main enemy of our pineal gland. It crystallizes in the tissue and makes it harden. These are other reasons for the pineal gland to calcify:

  • artificial light makes us turn night into day
  • little contact with sunlight
  • taking food and dental care products containing fluoride
  • caffeine, tobacco, alcohol have a harmful effect
  • internet and cell phone radiation
  • stress
  • wrong diet, pesticides
  • medications/vaccinations
  • mercury is poison for pineal gland

Studies have shown the following calcification rates:

Africa: 5 – 15 %
Asia: 15 – 25 %
Europe: 60 -80 % (!)

When I changed my diet and detoxified my body because of my acne, it was the most magical phase in my life so far. My third eye was open and I even had an out-of-body experience and saw really beautiful patterns in the air at night. Just like that! After that, I had started to eat „normally“ again and went back to stress. But now I’m paying more attention to my diet and lifestyle and slowly starting to see again! It’s the most beautiful thing in the world and I want each of you to experience it! Below I have written down what can happen when you decalcify your pineal gland and open your third eye.


When you open your third eye, you can:

  • connect with your higher self and with source
  • be clairvoyant, have the ability to see into other energy patterns
  • see chakras and auras
  • better „see through“ people’s intentions
  • develop your intuition
  • develop your psychic powers
  • make contact with other beings
  • have out-of-body experiences
  • strengthen the power of your thoughts
  • manifest your desires more easily

So an intact pineal gland function is essential for our intuition, for the connection upwards and for our imagination, which we need to visualize beautiful things and manifest them as well. If people all had calcified pineal glands and couldn’t create anything new, that would be a terrible idea. I’m not going to get into whose interest that might be right now. I generally don’t want to go into the power structures in this world in this blog. I did that for years, also wanted to go into politics after my studies. But now I don’t even watch the news because I understood that you give energy to what you focus on. Here I want to focus on solutions instead of the problems. And here comes the solution to decalcify your pineal gland/open your third eye.

Here’s how to open your third eye:

  • avoid fluoride and mercury
  • eat healthy, avoid processed food
  • get a lot of sunlight
  • avoid artificial light sources at night
  • avoid cell phone radiation
  • maintain a healthy lifestylealso:
  • study the color violet – it stimulates your third eye
  • listen to 432 Hz music (vibration of the cosmos) and binaural beats
  • listen to/chant mantras
  • do specific meditation exercises
  • do yoga
  • cleanse your body, e.g. do a chelation therapy
  • do a spirulina and chlorella cure*.*These types of algae have a very strong effect on the pineal gland and can decalcify it. Please note that sometimes the toxins cannot be eliminated by the kidneys, so they find another way out. You may find that your lips crack easily or you may get an eczema or two from which this comes out. Allow the process to happen – once everything is eliminated, the sore will go away on its own. Just make sure you don’t take the remedies (capsules, for example) for more than 3-4 weeks and then take a break.

One of my favorite scientists who has been working on this topic for years is Dr Joe Dispenza. Here you can watch one of his lectures about the pineal gland:

As I said, I am in the process of writing a book about it, in which I will go into the subject much more concretely. I have studied the subject of „thoughts create reality“ for years now and can teach you a lot about it. I’ll let you know when I publish the book.

UPDATE: It’s now available! Get your e-book here 

Until then – don’t forget to always vibe high. What you send out is what you receive.

xoxo Marinka