The science behind the Law of Attraction

In this post, I explain the „Law of Attraction“ from the perspective of science. So that you understand how our world and the principles of creation work exactly and how you can use them for yourself. Everything you need to know about manifesting is summarized in this article. As always with solutions and instructions!

How our world works

As is well known, everything we see and what we call matter consists of many small atomic particles. These in turn consist of atomic nuclei and electrons. To make the relation clear: if you make the atomic nucleus as big as a football, i.e. 20 cm, then the nearest electron (in the case of a hydrogen atom) would be 6,2 miles away. That is about 100 soccer fields. So the atomic particles, and therefore you, consist of 99.999999999% massless space. If one would take this empty space out of you, you would be only 20 micrometers large and one would have to look for you under the microscope.

The „emptiness“ of an atom goes over fluently into the „emptiness“ of the neighboring atom etc. up to far out into the whole universe. And so a field arises from this supposed emptiness, which connects everything in our universe with each other. That’s why it is said that we are connected with everything -> everything is one. The emptiness in you is identical with the emptiness in the universe. There are many names for this field: akashic chronicle, zero point field, ether, quantum field, quantum hologram, (divine) matrix, … Stephen Hawking called it the „mind of God“. You are connected to this field, it flows through you and thus connects you to the rest of the universe. And it is alive. It moves, pulsates and changes every moment. The universe is never finished, it is recreating itself every moment.

However, this space is not as empty as one might think at first. It is full with energy and information. These exist first virtually and as (quantum) possibilities and they wait only to be switched into the reality. This is what we call „manifesting“: manifesting one of these virtual possibilities into tangible reality. And if you’re wondering now who switches from virtuality to reality, the answer is: a conscious observer. Look at the famous double-slit experiment for this. It shows that the act of human observation alone influences the behavior of the particles. So you as a conscious observer have the ability to manifest the virtual possibilities into reality.

The act of manifesting

You can imagine the field as a „sea of possibilities“ and we as conscious observers can fish out corresponding realities from this sea. The quantum possibilities exist first as a wave function. The possibilities of your life come and go. These are then your dream job, your world trip, your dream car, your dream partner, … everything you wish for (and much more) is already contained in the atoms as potential. Nichiren Buddhism talks about Sanzen, which means „3000 worlds in one moment“. And the potentials remain as wave function until a conscious observer appears. At that moment, the wave function collapses and the system is forced to assume a single state. Thus, a single possibility is manifested and experienced from the sea of possibilities. Which one this is with you, depends completely alone on you.

Interim summary:

Everything you desire is not somewhere out there or up in the universe. It is already inside you. Your dream life is right in front of you! Everything you desire is already there – on the virtual plane. The version of yourself that you would like to be already exists in the atoms that make up your body. Your task is to fish that version out of the sea of possibilities and manifest it into your experiential reality.

And how do you do that?

With your body. More specifically, with your heart. Your heart produces the waves that can hold these possibilities in one place and create atoms. Your heart is the organ that produces the strongest electromagnetic field. Previously it was thought to be the human brain, but the electric field of the heart is 100 times stronger than that of the brain. And the magnetic field of the heart is even 5000 stronger than that of the brain!

And it is your feelings that create waves of electric and magnetic energy. Therefore, when manifesting, your feelings are of utmost importance – they are the main switches for it. Your feelings are the language that the field understands. You can imagine it in such a way that we reach with the feelings of our hearts into this „quantum soup“ and get out the suitable reality which then manifests itself in matter. And the law of attraction makes sure that always only the reality can be brought out, which fits to your respective feelings. And this happens all the time, without break. It is a mechanism that you may not even consciously perceive.


Can you control the mechanism?

Here we come to the topic, how we can control the whole now consciously. You can imagine the quantum field like a mirror. A mirror that always only answers with „Yes, ok“. You can always only fish out what you already are. As a picture I always imagine that there is a basin full of colored M&M’s and you always reach in with different colored gloves. If you then reach in with a yellow glove, for example, then only the yellow M&M’s stick to it, so that you can only pull them out. And so that can be applied to your feelings. For example, if you reach in with a feeling of lack, you can only pull out of the sea of possibilities what fits that feeling of lack. If you want to manifest abundance, then you have to make sure that you reach in with the feeling of abundance and are already convinced of abundance when you communicate with the field.


Therefore, the guiding principle here is: „Fake it `til you make it“. This is the most important thing you need to keep in mind when manifesting. You are not manifesting what you want so much, but what you already are. The universe responds (like a mirror) to what you think you already are. And for you this means concretely: even before your wish has manifested, you must emotionally accept the state of the already fulfilled wish. That is why the Law of Attraction is also called the Law of Acceptance, as defined by Neville Goddard, for example. Whether it is the Law of Attraction or the Law of Acceptance – it is simply a matter of you already putting yourself into the feeling of how it would be if your wish had already been fulfilled and you bathe in it. The best way is to use all your senses. Go into meditation, visualize and let your imagination run free … What would you hear? What would you see? What would you feel? Don’t stop until you feel completely as if your wish is already a reality. Remember that your feelings communicate with the field.

The catch

Sounds quite simple so far, doesn’t it? Just imagine that it is so and hold on to this feeling until you find it in reality. When you put that into practice, you’ll find that there’s a feeling that can throw a wrench in the works. A feeling that can ruin the whole act of manifestation. And that feeling is doubt. Whereby it is actually not a feeling, but rather a thought. But it triggers a certain feeling.

If you think of the act of manifestation as ordering from Amazon, feeling that it already is, you’ve placed your order with the universe and you could basically wait and trust that your order will then arrive to you soon. The problem is that when you send a feeling of doubt behind it, that causes something like a cancellation of your order.

One of the rules of the Law of Attraction is that you manifest only what you believe in without doubt. That which you are 100% convinced of. So if you try to manifest, for example, a lot of money, but subconsciously you have the conviction that you are not worthy of having a lot of money or that it is not possible to manifest that much money, then that is exactly what you will experience. The problem here is that there are many limiting belief patterns embedded in our subconscious mind (about 70%). They are the result of years of programming by our outside world and lie deep in the subconscious. You can wish, visualize and affirm as much as you want with your daytime consciousness – if there is no supporting belief pattern to the wish in your subconscious mind, you will unfortunately not succeed. This is the reason why most readers of „The Secret“ experience great disappointment at first. The reason is the distribution of power. Your life is 95% controlled by your subconscious beliefs and patterns. You may not be able to feel this, but the field recognizes these beliefs. Remember – through your feelings you can speak to the field. And your beliefs create your feelings.

What are beliefs?

After many futile attempts at manifestation, you will eventually arrive at your beliefs. They are the be-all and end-all in your life. They are already formed in your childhood and are the glasses through which you look at the world. You don’t see the world as it is, you see it as you are. For example, if you have a deep conviction that you are unlovable, you always manifest realities and circumstances that are compatible with that conviction and the feelings that go with it. Whereas, for example, your girlfriend has a contrary conviction and always attracts only circumstances and people that confirm to her that she is lovable. So it can be that two people sit next to each other, but still live in two completely different worlds – depending on their glasses.

What you can do

The mechanism between you and the sea of all possibilities is always running perfectly. You manifest 24/7 based on your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. If you are not satisfied with the realities you draw from the field, then you need to change your inner self, which acts as a magnet for the outer circumstances. So the goal is to eliminate doubt so that it doesn’t interfere with your desire. And to do that, you need to change your beliefs. The good news is: you CAN change them! It is possible! You are not at the mercy of your programs, you can decide for yourself what you want to have in your subconscious. To do this, you have to rewrite your subconscious. Nothing can be deleted, but it can be overwritten with something new and there are many different methods for this. The alpha and the theta state of your brain activity are particularly well suited for reprogramming. You have them e.g. shortly before you fall asleep and shortly after you wake up. Here the daytime consciousness is no longer so active and your doubts cannot interfere. Make sure that you are not on your cell phone or watching TV during this important time, but take time for your desires. Everything you consume now goes directly into your subconscious. And then bathe in this state of your already fulfilled desire. With all your senses and let the feeling arise as if you have already achieved your goal. If you fall asleep with this feeling, you will automatically wake up with it. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a brand new belief. But you would have to do that for 21 days at a stretch. Or…

There is a faster way

I have made the experience that one has a hard time with this manual programming. And it simply takes far too long. Very few people manage to pull it off. That’s why I was the happiest person in the world when I learned about PSYCH-K®. It’s a method that allows us to communicate directly with the subconscious mind and replace old belief patterns with new ones within minutes. Sounds incredible, I know. But it works, is scientifically proven, and is the world’s gentlest, easiest, and fastest method of rewriting our subconscious mind. Cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton calls PSYCH-K® „(…) one of the most important, efficient, effective and rapid change processes currently available to us on this planet.“

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Brief summary:

We live in a sea of possibilities and manifest virtual realities into tangible matter as powerful creators with the help of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Our beliefs shape our feelings and these send electromagnetic waves into the environment creating corresponding atoms. The field that is the sea of possibilities always responds to what already is. This means for you that you have to act as if your wish has already been fulfilled in order to let this feeling arise. The most important condition is your faith. The feeling must also include confidence. You must be 100% convinced that this reality is also possible for you. As soon as there is even a shred of doubt, it no longer works. So you have to get the doubts out of the way. Since they are due to limiting beliefs, you need to erase them from your subconscious and program in new belief patterns that will undoubtedly support your desired reality. The easiest and fastest sustainable method to do this is PSYCH-K®.

You can also look at it this way: the Universe always delivers – you just need to dissolve your resistances and blockages (doubts) so that you can receive. These resistances are nothing more than limiting belief patterns and convictions.

Finally, a quote from Mahatma Ghandi on this subject:

„Keep your beliefs positive, for …

your beliefs become your thoughts,
your thoughts become your words,
your words become your actions,
your deeds become your habits,
your habits become your character
and your character becomes your destiny.“

You are in control of your destiny at all times and you can change it. This change must be made at the beginning of this chain, that is, with your beliefs. Change your beliefs and you change your life. I will help you to do this.

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xoxo Marinka