High Vibin Relaunch – What’s new?

Hi Friends, welcome back to High Vibin! I hope you missed me at least as much as I missed you! How many years has it been? 4? 5? Feels really weird to write a blog article again after so long, but I love it! In this first post, I want to tell you why you haven’t heard from me in so long and give you a little update on me and High Vibin.

What happened in the meantime?

When I first published my blog back in 2017 (oh my God, how fast has six years gone by please?!), I was relatively at the beginning of my spiritual Journey. Everything was so exciting and high vibin because I had discovered magic in my life! And I had a strong need to share all the magical things that happened to me with you. So I wrote blog articles telling you about my out-of-body experience, the opening of my third eye, and my first experience with Shamanic Medicine, among other things. I’m sure you all remember.

The more I connected with my Higher Self, the more unsatisfying my „normal life“ became, which still existed. An absolutely unmagical, superficial environment and an energy-sapping full-time job stood in opposition to my urge for growth and freedom. The desire to do my own thing, to start a location-independent business, to travel and to make this world a better place with my talents rose up in me. At the time, there were already enough online coaches who showed that this was possible. And so I took the plunge (I am badass after all), left my secure job, made a business plan, took out a loan, booked expensive business coaching and in the years that followed …. I fell hard on my face.

What had happened?

Contrary to the assumption that if I just follow my passion, I can’t help but become successful quickly, it wasn’t until I started building my business that I really became aware of all my „demons“. Before that, I didn’t really realize what a big impact my poor money mindset, for example, has on my development. Or that, with the best will in the world, I can’t bring myself to show myself to the world and get my message out because of my self-doubt. It wasn’t until I was officially self-employed full-time and getting serious that all these fears and doubts suddenly came to the surface. This manifested itself in me having an insanely hard time positioning myself, putting out products and asking for money for them. Or even being able to confidently explain what I was doing to someone who asked. And as it happens, life only sent me more people and situations that mirrored my inner insecurity. I then realized: Instead of a flourishing online business, I first had to do some inner work.

And this is a normal process that awaits everyone who decides to take this path and create an extraordinary life for themselves. I have derived the following rule from this: When you enter a new level, first everything that you can’t take with you there shows up. Because it wants to be dissolved. If you want to ascend to the higher spheres with the hot air balloon, then you have to drop a few sandbags for that. Before that, I was the queen, the confident, cool Marina with a really enviable life. But it was all easy for me, too, because I was in my comfort zone, which I had mastered super well and where I knew my way around. And as they say – when you’ve become a master at one thing, you should become a student at a new one. So I decided to grow, to leave that comfort zone, and to do that I had to let go of a lot of things. And suddenly nothing was so easy and high vibin.

Every next level of your life will demand a different you.

Why was I away?

I took the last few years to completely reinvent myself. I took the precious chance that all my unhealthy patterns in my life were mirrored to me and I was forced to look for solutions. Was that a difficult phase? Oh hell yes! Was it all worth it? Oh my god yes!!! I feel like such a wise old grandpa with a beard today and have soooo much to share and give! I am now an absolute expert at reprogramming the subconscious and building a new identity.

Today I am somewhere also glad that I did not go out at that time. It was also right somewhere that I didn’t feel ready. I wasn’t quite ready to teach other people. I wanted to coach and heal and always had the best of intentions, too. But it turned out that I still needed to heal myself first. And that is extremely important! It’s important to come clean with yourself first if you want to go into ministry and help others. Otherwise, as a coach, you run the risk of projecting your own issues onto your clients. And that should not happen under any circumstances.

This doesn’t apply to all niches, of course you could always create an online course on dog training, for example, and sell it profitably. But I am explicitly addressing my Conscious Creators here! The people who feel that we are in a special time and know that they are here to be part of the change. First and foremost, this change must happen within ourselves!

The world is in desperate need of peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kind!

Let’s just be who we really are

Can we please normalize Realtalk? And also just realness? I mean, people are not stupid. By now I think everyone knows that not everything is as shiny as it has been portrayed in the coaching bubble in recent years. Many approaches simply don’t work. And many people have burned a lot of money for coaching that unfortunately didn’t help them at all. Me included. In any case, it is bitterness that we also illuminate the supposedly unattractive topics such as failure. Because everything serves our growth. Even though my company is called High Vibin – we all know that it can’t always be high vibin in life. But we can react high vibin to it and make the best of it.

Business building starts in the mind!

Fact is: No one is born with entrepreneurial skills. We simply have to acquire certain skills and characteristics. And we don’t learn these things in school. And in general, we tend to be trained to fit into the system instead of courageously going our own way. But if you are here to change the system, then you need new approaches. I’ve written a book (e-book) in the form of an action guide that takes Conscious Creators step by step through this initial phase, and in it I tell you how chaotic my own initial business set-up was back then and the mistakes I made.

You need to make sure that you create the business that is tailored to you and matches your life’s mission, because that’s the only way you’ll be able to use and showcase your talents to the best of your ability. Likewise, you need new habits and rituals that support and solidify your new vibe. In that sense, you really need to become a new person. You need to reprogram your subconscious, dissolve limiting beliefs, and release non-serving, stuck emotions from your body. Yes – you MUST. Otherwise, no change is possible. These are all the Steps from my Action Guide. I explain in detail how to approach your transformation and exactly what you need to do in each of these steps.

I want us to normalize talking about the need for this metamorphosis. And that we celebrate everyone who decides to go for their dreams and face all the challenges they have to overcome to do so. And that process is mega exciting too! How great is it to know that you are in the process of manifesting the best version of yourself?

And then you can start manifesting your dream life, but you have to have the right vibe. That’s why we do the inner work. First inner work – then business skills. Not the other way around.

What is new with High Vibin?

Well, my focus has shifted. From myself to you guys. I used to wholeheartedly love sharing my experiences and adventures and for you guys it was like, „Ok cool, nice to know.“ Now my urge to share has given way to the urge to problem solve and High Vibin is no longer for me, it’s for you. You may have noticed that I’ve deleted some old blog articles (almost all of them, actually). That’s because it’s just so far gone and I’m not feeling it anymore. In exchange, of course, there will be a whole lot of new fresh articles coming and you can look forward to bomb content that will really help you create the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Also new is that the topic of business building has been added and brought to the forefront. I’ve specialized a bit more in my target audience because I’ve noticed in my work with people so far – in my PSYCH-K® sessions to be exact – that I have the most joy with people who want to break free and make a business out of their passion. My Manifestor energy hits them immediately and I just can’t help but inspire and motivate them to go for their dreams and visions. Formulating concrete plans with Action Steps and unblocking business founders just gives me so much energy that it doesn’t feel like work to me at all. And I just realized that this is the area where I make the most impact.

Who is High Vibin for?

You’ll have the best experience here if you also want to create a knowledge-based business and the life of your dreams (which I always consciously equate), or are already doing so and struggling with challenges like limiting beliefs. We deal with everything around the topic of how to manifest what you desperately want. Sub-topics include personality development, reprogramming the subconscious, managing emotions, building an online business, reality creation, spiritual rituals etc.

By the way, what’s new is that in addition to my already well-known PSYCH-K® sessions, I’m now also offering a six-week mentoring program for a short time, in which I’ll accompany you in your business startup and guide you through the above-mentioned steps so that you can live your Purpose Business.

What can you expect?

Definitely hot content around the topics of spirituality & business. You can take the first step now and download the e-book „HIGH VIBIN“. And start creating your new self today.


I am also active on social media again. So I’m happy if you follow me on my Insta channel, which is also linked to my Facebook page.

By the way, I also became a mom in the meantime. Yes, so much news. And I’m currently living in Munich and falling more and more in love with this city every day! As always, there is a lot to tell and even if the focus of High Vibin is no longer on me as a person, I will of course continue to tell about my life. After all, my mission in life after Human Design is to share.

However, I also expect you to share your content wishes with me. As I said, High Vibin is for you and I would like to develop it further in a co-creation with you. So feel free to write me anytime (e.g. on Insta via dm) what you need most right now or what challenge you are currently facing and I will collect the topics and make content about it.

My vision is that we all address things openly and also speak out in Realtalk as they really are. Because one of my biggest personal values is radical honesty. And by taking the coaching industry to a new, authentic level and providing real working solutions to real problems, it should be possible for anyone who really wants it to create their Purpose Business.

Get your Action Guide now, start implementing the Action Steps and build your Purpose Business. That’s what you are here for. And not just to work, pay bills and then eventually die.


xoxo Marina