My Kambo ceremony in Argentina

„Kambo circulates in the heart. When we take kambo, it has a positive – corrective effect on the movements of the heart, so that things flow and bring good things to the person. It is as if there was a dark cloud on the person that prevented the good things from coming to them. Then when they take Kambo it is as if a „green light“ comes, opening the way and making things easier.“

Kaxinawá Kambô

The Call of the Rainforest

When I visualized my trip to Argentina in March 2017 and actually manifested it in a very short time, I knew that this was going to be a very special trip where I would grow spiritually.

When the plane reached the South American continent and I could look down on Brazil from the window, I felt a strong, magical pull and felt as if this continent had been calling to me for a long time. The sun was just rising and the water of the river veins began to reflect its light. I was hanging by the window the whole time and felt something really strange – as if the rainforest was calling me to it. Everything felt so familiar and right. I still have that feeling to this day, by the way. I will definitely return to this continent – if only because I really want to go to Machu Picchu.

My Kambô ceremony in Buenos Aires

My friend from Buenos Aires has often told me about this treatment. He himself had done it several times and raved about how clear and light you feel afterwards. It was clear to me that I would definitely like to do this. Actually, I wanted to do a Kambo treatment and an Ayahuasca ceremony there. However, a man whose opinion I value very much advised me against Ayahuasca because he said, „It steals your soul!“ Ooookay – of course I got scared and let it go for now.

I was also afraid of the Kambo ceremony. I had no clue what would happen to me. But it is not psychedelic, unlike ayahuasca, which means you remain fully conscious. This control was just fine with me as a double Virgo (both zodiac sign and ascendant). After all, I was all alone on a foreign continent, there were oceans between me and my family, and I was putting myself in the hands of an unknown shaman. Until the end I was not sure whether I should not leave it.

When she opened the door for us and I looked into her eyes, all doubts suddenly disappeared. Such a beautiful glow and this deep familiarity! I looked around her apartment: everything so quiet and peaceful. Familiar symbols everywhere – the Om sign, the hand of Fatima, the color chain of the chakras, Buddhas everywhere, and the mantra I always listen to at home was playing in the background. I knew I was in the right place, felt almost at home and decided to just let go and trust. The most beautiful things in the world are on the other side of fear, which is why I love facing my fears (as a former anxiety patient).

Fortunately, the shaman was able to speak fluent English. I had fasted for 15 hours beforehand and now had to drink about two liters of water at a time. „The water is the vehicle for all the toxins to get out of your body,“ she explained to me. While she got the frog secretion and other utensils ready, we took our seats on a rubber mat on the floor. She gave us buckets and kitchen towels and asked me why I wanted to do this treatment. I said that I was now ready for the next spiritual level and wanted to rid myself of negative baggage.

The purpose of a Kambo treatment is that you throw up immediately after applying the frog secretion. In doing so, you eliminate all the toxins that have accumulated in your body over the years, but do not belong there. The toxins that are in your intestines if you have eaten a lot of processed foods, the mucus that is in your sinuses and even bile.

Here are a few more facts about frog medicine from the Amazon

The legend of Kambo (Source: Kambo Cleanse Germany)

The Kaxinawá, the Katukina and other tribes tell a legend of how people believe they received the use and knowledge of Kambo.

A very, very long time ago there was a village whose villagers suddenly became very ill and their shaman, named Kampu – it is said it was a Katukina Indian – tried everything to somehow cure this illness that continued to spread in the village.

All the herbs, all the plants and prayers he knew, he used, but nothing helped to somehow relieve the agony and suffering of his people.

The shaman Kampu was not discouraged by these setbacks, however, and so, after all his attempts to heal the villagers failed, he decided to go into the forest to seek advice and healing for his tribe under the influence of Ayahuasca in the spirit world.

That night he received a visit from a great spirit, this spirit held a large green frog in his hands.
From this frog the spirit took a white secretion and taught Kampu how to use it and how to help the sick people with it. After that night, with this knowledge, he returned to his village to his tribe and followed the instructions he had received very carefully, treating one villager after another.

Thus Kampu was able to heal the people in his village. When Kampu died after many years, it is believed that his spirit lived on in the frog, and so the Indians began to honor the frog and continue to use the secretion, just as Kampu had once done, and so the people remained healthy and still use Kambo today.

Some diseases for which Kambô can help (source:

Nerve and muscle pain, immune deficiency, headaches, cluster headaches, gastritis, diabetes, hypertension, cirrhosis of the liver, labyrinthitis, epilepsy, helplessness and depression, anxiety disorders, allergies, arthritis, migraine, stomach problems, pain of the nerves and muscles, cancer, HIV, malaria, Lyme disease, influenza, autoimmune diseases, resp. degenerative diseases, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), lupus erythematosus, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, hepatitis, arthritis, addictive diseases, infectious diseases in general.

How the Kambô treatment works

Frog medicine has been used in the jungle for thousands of years and its effects are known to treat negative incidents and feelings such as sadness, unhappiness, confusion, laziness and negative energies. Indigenous peoples call this „Panema“ – an energy that resides in a person’s aura and keeps away the spiritual energy that is actually ours.

There are definitely mysterious and magical aspects to the treatment. It opens the third eye and gives deep, restful sleep. Many people who have done Kambô report supernatural powers. In Brazil, many „mediums“ use Kambo to specifically develop their supernatural abilities. We live in a time of a shift in consciousness, heightened awareness – we are aware of the importance of healing ourselves deeply.

Kambo brings everything back into balance – physically, emotionally and energetically. It removes obstacles in life, frees from unhealthy thoughts and brings out negative attitudes. You can’t hide from Kambo – it brings all your soul junk to the surface and forces you to face it and deal with it.

For many people it is a very exhausting journey, but apart from that, everyone feels the depth of love that the spirit of Kambo brings. Kambo cleanses our energetic field, makes everything flow more easily and envelops us in a green light. What we need in life flows in and what we no longer need leaves. Kambo is 100% bioactive and has no side effects. It will make your body heal itself. It scans every single cell in your body and „resets it to factory settings“.

How it changed me

My life changed abruptly when I returned to Germany. On the plane I was crying non-stop, so it was a bit uncomfortable in front of the other passengers. I had shamanic songs and rhythms (icaros) reverberating in my ears the whole time and I just didn’t want to leave this continent. I felt nature in every cell of my body and the aforementioned attraction that the rainforest has on me intensified.

Since then, I have changed many things in my life. Suddenly it was very easy for me to tackle everything I had set out to do. Since I’ve been back in Germany, I don’t watch tv anymore. I finally started to work on this blog instead of – like all the years before – just talking about it. I finally don’t eat meat anymore and eat very healthy. I meditate and have taken up yoga. I have banned all fluoride-containing products from my household and can feel my third eye opening more and more.

On the subject of „the things you need coming to you“, I have had a flow of input that has once again opened up new worlds to me. So many magical things have happened to me! I really need to tell you all about it! Physically, something has changed as well. The thing about the cloud that surrounds you is really true – I couldn’t have described it more aptly. It was suddenly gone. I suddenly felt so light. I could move my pelvis in a completely different way, I was really in the flow – that stiffness was gone.

In any case, I would like to do this Kambo ceremony again as soon as possible. I would even fly to Argentina again for that. It would also be cooler to do it with a real shaman in an indigenous tribe in the rainforest. I will do that! And of course I will take you with me and report about it.

In any case, this treatment has helped me a lot and has given me things that I have always wanted. My family and friends say I have turned around 180 degrees. I think it is wonderful. Nothing better could have happened to me.

Here is the contact if you are ever in Buenos Aires:

Kambô Argentina
Samanta Lanin

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Much love