It’s time to heal our Divine Feminine

I have come across the topic of „The Divine Feminine“ very often throughout my life. And I have always resonated with it, for example when we read „Cassandra“ by Christa Wolf in school and it was about the juxtaposition of patriarchy and matriarchy. But unfortunately I haven’t pursued this any further. Somehow I’ve always identified more with the masculine characteristics. As a child, I never wanted to wear skirts because they made me feel kind of stupid. I’ve spent almost my whole life in a masculine energy. That means: being active, thinking strategically and logically, hustling, working hard, being diligent, giving 100%, etc. Feminine qualities such as receiving, caring, nurturing, passion, intuition, heart wisdom, flowing, dreaming and visioning have strangely always been seen as weak, so I didn’t give much value to them and didn’t cultivate them any further. Now I’ve reached a point in my life where can’t continue to move forward with masculine energy alone. I just don’t feel it anymore and it also doesn’t work for me. Many doors remain closed. Because the time has come for a completely new approach. The feminine approach.


You already know my business background. Through deep inner work, I’ve successfully resolved the blocks to recognize what my unique gift to the world is and to create my first knowledge-based product. So I could publish my book „HIGH VIBIN – Remember who tf you are and turn your soul purpose into an impactful business„. However, during the next step, the marketing of my offer, I came up against a new block. I realized that there was still something in me that resisted talking too much about my offer. About what I really do. What my deepest convictions are. About how life-changing my service and products really are. As a result, I created superficial social media content that my soul clients couldn’t really relate to. Because I was only sharing a tiny fraction of myself with the world. I was hiding something essential about myself and hoping to get away with it. But that no longer works.

Asking for guidance 

My soul has created situations in my life where I have been forced more and more to be authentic and send out an authentic vibe. So my true soul clients could recognize me. But the more I thought about it, the greater my inner fear became, for example, to simply record a video and share what I REALLY do and what I REALLY think. I could help other people to release their blockages, but it didn’t work for me. I felt a whole new, blatant fear in my bones. When I felt into it, it felt like a real fear of death. I’m not exaggerating. The thought of pointing the camera at myself and recording a video triggered a fear of death inside me. At that point, I understood that this was more than just a subconscious belief to reprogram. And so I decided to get to the bottom of it.

It started with me asking in my meditations why I still don’t dare to be 100% authentic with my topics and my message. In response, I felt an energy blockage in my throat. Then I saw a very clear picture. I was hanging at the stake and fire was burning around me. People were staring at me. I felt such an anger inside me. Because I couldn’t prove that I was innocent. And because of the stupidity of the people who surrounded me and were allowed to decide my fate.

In another meditation in which I asked for the key to my business success, a slit, a female sexual organ and then Shiva appeared to me. The sign was „The sacred dance between Shiva and Shakti“. I didn’t know there was such a dance until then and kept this symbolism in the back of my mind. Three days later, I saw a story on Instagram in which a woman reported that they had learned the dance of Shiva and Shakti in today’s yoga session. Synchronicities. Immediately afterwards, I was led to the book „You are a Goddess“ by Sophie Bashford and downloaded it straight away.

Hecate – Goddess of the witches

This amazing book is about working with the Divine Feminine to awaken, heal and transform. The Goddesses Kali, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, the Avalon Priestesses, Hecate, Aphrodite, Lilith, Mary Magdalene and Isis are introduced in detail. I saw a reel that said: „If you’re seeing this, it’s a sign that Queen Hecate is with you. She’s appeared to help you work through old soul wounds. This is where you heal the ‚witch wound‘ or existential fears of being visible with your healing gifts.“ There it was. The connection to my vision. I received this guidance because I asked for it in tears. Within a few days, I was led to the solution.

So I jumped straight to the chapter on Hecate and got her healing. This chapter talked a lot about the European witch hunts in the Middle Ages and I had goosebumps all over my body throughout. Hecate spoke to me and told me, „You’ve been through so much, sister…. You’ve probably had lives where you’ve been judged and blamed for crimes you weren’t responsible for. For example, crop failures and deaths from disease. This was the surface reason for your torture, the public trials and the promise to murder you. But the real reason was your inherent spiritual connection to the Divine Feminine.“

She told me that I would find myself on a journey of self healing from these dark ages of terror, torture, humiliation, banishment, false accusation and painful death. I understood that those dark memories are the reason why I kept hiding and fearful of what would happen if I brought my light and power into the open. My ego was trying to cover up these deep rooted traumas by telling me that I’m not worthy of giving my soul’s work and that I would be ridiculed, shamed and punished for doing it (and other forms of imposter syndrome). That it’s too dangerous to be in my power. 

Healing the throat chakra

Due to my terrible experiences from those past incarnations, I decided that I would rather not speak my sacred truth and this manifested as a large blockage in my throat chakra. This energetic block manifested in the form of recurring painful tonsillitis. In my teenage years, my tonsils were inflamed so often that they had to be removed.

In another meditation, Hecate stood in front of me with a cauldron. The contents of the cauldron connected with the energy of my heart and healed the old wounds. Then she applied a kind of paste to my throat, which cleared and healed my throat chakra. I saw an eagle with its wings spread wide appear on my throat and felt a strong energy release in this area. Something had shifted.


Revealing your true authentic self

I know how difficult it is to be authentic in today’s world. That has always been the story of my life. I learned to keep my sacred truth to myself as a child already because I realized that I was different. Even now I still live in an environment where I often feel as if I have to be ashamed of my gifts. When I start to talk about energies, channeling, reincarnation, angels, aliens, goddesses, manifesting, etc., „normal“ people think I’m crazy or stupid. Although the opposite is true. But it doesn’t change the fact that this is my innermost truth. And I can no longer hold it back. It is the purest form of self-punishment devaluing that what is the most precious thing about me.

It took us many lifetimes (beginning in Atlantis) and hard work to gain the soul wisdom that we possess. And the reason, that we are faced with soo many blockages right now in this life time, is because this heart won knowledge must now be used in sacred contract with the Divine. I pray that this blog article will be shown to the women (and men) who need to read this and for whom the time has come to heal their divine feminine soul trauma. After what you have experienced here on Earth, you may have vowed never to return to this planet. But you came back. To fulfill a divine contract. Because your healing energy is urgently needed during these times. And this is the only work you are here to do. 

If you have a lot of healing energy to bring through in this lifetime, you will feel these cellular past life memories the most. You must now face what needs to be faced. Therefore you are accessing the deeply suppressed wounds of the Divine Feminine. You are coming to realize why you’ve been so blocked, so silenced, so wildly scared to express your real voice on this planet. For it is so much needed right now. 

My service for you

If you feel you need to remove old blockages (like self-sabotage, lack of self-worth, fear of visibility or speaking your authentic truth) to manifest your new life, there are currently two ways to work with me:

PSYCH-K® session – Remove limiting beliefs from your subconscious
In an online session of about 90 min. you dissolve the subconscious beliefs about the topic that is currently blocking you and causing you to get stuck in your business/ life. So you can get into the flow of life again. You don’t need to be able to name your blockage. We work in guidance with your Higher Self. 

Investment: 290 € (includes a follow-up call after 14 days where I check on you and the changes that will have taken place).

Private 1:1 Coaching – Sacred Transformation 
Intense six weeks of healing your past, deep subconscious reprogramming and connecting with your Higher Self to remove the blockages that are holding you back from manifesting your highest path. 

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May you remember who you truly are and start using your magic.

xoxo Marina