Chakra Meditation – the shortcut to induce a trance state

Meditation is an essential part of my daily routine. Especially when it comes to visualizing and manifesting certain desires, morning and evening meditation is a must. I have been doing this for many years now and I have noticed that the step of switching from everyday consciousness to the meditative state often proves to be very difficult. When I am then in this deep trance and swimming through the infinite (quantum) possibilities of the universe, it is the most beautiful feeling ever. But you have to get there first. First of all, switching off and getting a grip on your thoughts is not always easy. It’s like saying, „Come on, inner peace. I don’t have all day!“ I’ve also had to stop a meditation more than once because I just couldn’t concentrate. My yoga teacher has now shown me a beautiful technique to reach this meditative trance state very quickly – the Chakra Meditation. And I would like to share it with you here.

And that goes – how could it be otherwise – through the breath. Breathwork creates the connection between our thoughts and the body. You sit in a comfortable lotus position and close your eyes. For this you need to know where the chakras are located in your body. That’s why I’ll show this very briefly first.

The crown chakra (not seen in the picture above) is located above the crown. It is often depicted as a lotus flower and is our direct connection to the divine.

The brow chakra, also known as the third eye, is located between the eyebrows (just a tad higher).

You can feel the throat chakra in the area of the larynx.

The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest, and the solar plexus chakra is located slightly above the belly button.

The sacral chakra is located about a hand’s width below the belly button and the root chakra is located between the anus and genitals.

How the Chakra Meditation works:

So, sitting in the lotus position with your eyes closed, begin by drawing air in through the crown chakra and imagining that you are breathing light into your body. Then exhale through the third eye. Then inhale again through the crown chakra and exhale through the next chakra, the throat chakra. Crown chakra in – heart chakra out. Crown chakra in – solar plexus chakra out. Crown chakra on – sacral chakra off. Crown chakra on – root chakra off.

When you get there, this time you breathe in with the root chakra and out all the way up the ladder – the other way around. So when you last exhaled with the root chakra, you inhale directly there again and exhale through the crown chakra. Then inhale with the sacral chakra and exhale with the crown chakra. Solar plexus chakra in – crown chakra out. Heart chakra on – crown chakra off. Throat chakra on – crown chakra off. Brow chakra on – crown chakra off.

After this, focus only on the spot between your eyebrows and sink into the focus on your third eye. My yoga teacher said he saw and felt the entire universe in his third eye during this Chakra Meditation and understood that it is not out there somewhere, but inside him.

Besides the crown chakra, each chakra also has its own mantra. When you are breathing through the respective chakra, you can speak it 1 to 3 times in your mind. Here are the mantras for each charka:

Crown chakra – Aum
Forehead chakra – Om
Throat chakra – Ham
Heart chakra – Yam
Solar plexus chakra – Ram
Sacral chakra – Vam
Root chakra – Lam

That’s a total of 24 breaths, but I feel so woozy afterwards and find myself directly in a deep trance. When you focus on your breath, you don’t even have a chance to get distracted by your thoughts. Take it as a shortcut.

Enjoy trying it out!

xoxo Marinka