BRING YOUR big VISION TO LIFE and start your purpose business

Take the next big step and release your first product/offer.


Starting your own business is one of the bravest leaps you will take in your life. When you first start your own business, you often feel insecure and alone, doubting everything and afraid to show up on the market with your offer.

These are deep-rooted primal fears that come to the surface. The fear of visibility, for example, is actually the fear of rejection. This makes it all the more understandable that most founders of new businesses unconsciously fall into this trap: they distract themselves with irrelevant things during the start-up phase (first creating a nice logo, rethinking their positioning, working through another online course, etc.), so that they can delay the most important step: put themselves out there and release their first offer. And so they sometimes go around in circles with their business start-up for years - without results.

That's how I felt five years ago. When I first started my coaching business, I was suddenly overcome with all kinds of fears and self-doubt. Because of this insecurity, I didn't dare to really get started and go out with my business. But it can actually be easy to master this initial phase if you know what really matters at this time.

Starting a business starts in the mind. At some point I understood that I won't get far with my business until I dissolve my limiting beliefs and first become the person who can attract and hold this new life in the first place. So I started to reprogram my subconscious and to acquire new habits and rituals until visibility and taking inspired action became part of my new identity.

My name is Marina Maier, meanwhile I support first-time entrepreneurs in dissolving their blocking beliefs and courageously taking action toward their business ideas.

In the mentoring program "MAKE IT HAPPEN!" I accompany you during your business start and the conceptualize and release of your first product. In the process, we will reprogram your subconscious mind so that you can take this big important step that takes so much overcoming and from then on, it will be natural for you to share your work with the world.

IN THE Mentoring 
"MAKE it F*CKING happen!"

... you will transform your insecurities and step into radical action to finally create and release your first offer. I will help you with the conceptualization, if desired.

... you will get a clear and simple plan to get started - perfectly aligned with your offer. Concrete action steps for each day give you structure and security. So you always know what to do and stay in your creative flow.

... you can focus completely on your product and let the inspiration for content flow, while you are supported, held and strenghtened in your self-confidence. I inspire you to break new ground and motivate you to pick up where you usually leave off.

... you implement all the steps and techniques from the Action Guide "HIGH VIBIN" and learn to manage yourself in your new role as an entrepreneur. You establish new habits and powerful rituals that energize you and make you an action taker.

... we program new powerful belief patterns into your subconscious with PSYCH-K®, giving you a completely new mindset. We transform your biggest fears and doubts, so that after the six weeks of mentoring you can confidently continue walking on this path alone.


You finally have your product on the market and enjoy the indescribably beautiful feeling when it brings you the first income.

You have overcome the biggest initial hurdle. Being visible to the world is now part of your new identity and you know that this was just the beginning - of something really big.

You are deeply fulfilled because your knowledge and products are changing the lives of many people and you know that's what you are here for.